Ta’Quell Morris-Rodriguez, CCDP, M.Ed. is a writer, and author of the new novel “Broken,” an entrepreneur, and orator.  Ta’Quell has a master’s in education leadership & Business Management from Southern New Hampshire University, additionally Ta’Quell obtained a Bachelors Degree in child Welfare Administration & Human Resource Administration.  Ta’Quell is a native of Syracuse, NY.  Ta’Quell delivers messages of hope, positivity and empowerment that are sustaining and motivating to individuals across the world.  His two mottos are “If God said it whether I believe it or not, that settles it” and “It’s better to train up whole children than to fix broken adults” encourages us to reach back and help the next generation who will carry us forward.

Ta’Quell can usually be found mentoring, motivating, and encouraging others to become their best selves.  Ta’Quell’s story is living proof that success is not necessarily about resources.  It is merely about being quick-witted and creative.  It is about the choice to charge ahead despite the challenges and detractors.  Ta’Quell is an acclaimed keynote speaker, motivational speaker, and certified life coach.  Most people know him as an everyday man with an extraordinary message that is transforming lives one at a time.  The message from his story exudes “No Condition is Permanent.” It’s all about embracing variation, reinvention, and determination all while renewing one’s mind.